Earn money with online poker!

Earn money with online poker!

If you like to play poker, you’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to make money online and make a living at it. After all, there are numerous poker professionals who manage to do it.

There are often reports about talented players who became millionaires in just a few months. Online poker rooms are often the springboard for such careers. After all, there are qualifying tournaments that allow entry to a real live event. With them, talented players make the leap into the professional business and can not only earn money with Internet poker, but also ride in major tournaments of the well-known poker tournament series.

Earn money with online poker – the most important facts in summary

Only a few players can make a living from online poker

Winnings must be taxed with poker with main trade

The poker player must meet certain requirements to be successful in the long run

Poker income is very irregular

Is it possible to earn money with poker?

money with poker

There are more than 10,000 poker players worldwide who earn money with poker, online, but also in real tournaments. The players come from a wide variety of countries around the world. A distinction must be made between real tournament players and those who only play online cash games. While tournament players sometimes accumulate huge annual earnings, the income for those who earn money online with poker 2019, is between € 20,000 and € 80,000 a year.

Both options, have their individual advantages and disadvantages. For example, those who want to earn money online with Party Poker can earn a decent hourly wage in the cash games on consistent blinds through the multitabling that this poker room offers. This shows little variance. Tournament players, on the other hand, always have to wait until a major tournament takes place before they can start earning. As a result, there are long periods in between when no tournaments take place and the player therefore has no income.

For example, it can take several weeks before income is generated again. On the other hand, tournament players have it easier and do not have to play poker for money the whole year to earn a living. Because here it is enough to be successful in about 20 different major online tournaments to generate a solid net income.

In summary, this means that a tournament player can earn money faster, but also takes quite a high risk. Players who only play cash games online, on the other hand, have a fixed income and less risk.

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